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Environment, Health and Safety

FCC has the appropriate Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) policies in place to ensure compliance to all corporate and South African OHSE legislation, regulations and procedures. The company employs a full time Risk Manager and a full time Occupational Medicine Practitioner, supported by a large team of Safety Representatives and other relevant personnel. This is confirmed by reputable local consultant groups who have employed experts in their field to perform various OHSE reviews.

The company strives to ensure ongoing compliance and constant improvements relating to the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions, and to protect the environment from adverse impact through the comprehensive risk management programs and established relationships with a number of local experts and statutory authorities who assist with OHSE regulatory compliance. External experts, agents and authorities are regularly consulted with respect to hazardous waste management and disposal, process/waste analysis, process / hazardous chemical substance (HCS) risk analysis, HCS exposure monitoring, employee biological effect monitoring, environment impact assessments and environment monitoring.

FCC recognizes the need for environmental sustainability through cleaner production and environmentally responsible facilities and infrastructure. Minimizing of the environmental impact is initiated through the selection of least harmful chemicals and process optimization between R&D and production. Processes and facilities are engineered for containment of hazardous chemical substances, closed systems and scrubbers are provided to remove harmful emissions, waste is minimized through sorting and recycling, and environmental compliance is checked by sampling. Environmental contingencies include back up power for all scrubbers and processes, and procedures and equipment for dealing with spillages.

The health of employees and contractors is assessed by the resident occupational health doctor prior to commencing employment and is closely monitored at intervals determined by the employee risk profile. All staff leaving are assessed against the baseline obtained during the entrance medical. Expert medical consultants are also used regularly to ensure compliance and to deal with issues that relate to employee and contracted personnel. Primary health care is catered for, so that comprehensive medical histories are available which assists with this aspect of risk management. Biological and environmental exposure monitoring is routinely conducted to ensure a holistic approach and to promptly deal with any issues in this regard.

Safety is a high priority, and is demonstrated through the allocation of significant resources to safety training, through policies and procedures that indicate personal responsibility, and that promote active participation and performance management among staff. FCC extensively uses safe work procedures, a thorough engineering management system and other checks to maintain systems and to ensure that operations are not at risk to chemical release, fire or other unexpected events. Incident reporting and investigation, risk identification and control, and an unremitting drive to reduce injuries are part of the ongoing effort to continuously improve safety performance and promote a stronger safety culture.
Security of the premises and facilities is maintained 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week through the employment of a reputable listed Security Company.

FCC is also a member of the International Responsible Care Initiative. This initiative is directed and controlled by the Chemical and Allied Industries Association of South Africa. As such, FCC has committed to self regulation according to international standards on all aspects of environmental management, occupational health, safety, and product stewardship. This includes striving for continuous improvement in environmental issues as well as in the handling, transporting, storage and disposal of HCSs.

Glenrand MIB, a highly regarded South African listed insurance company, performed a risk review of FCC and, inter alia, made the following comments:

  1. High standards of house keeping are maintained.
  2. The numerous process safety features have been maintained.
  3. The premises are well protected by hydrants, fire appliances and sprinklers and there is a formal fire defence organisation established.
  4. There are adequate security arrangements in place.
  5. There is a full time Risk Manager, who ensures the appropriate standards are maintained.
  6. No major adverse features we’re noted.

In summary, all aspects of the relevant OHSE legislation as they affect FCC have been reviewed either internally or by external consultants and are incorporated into company policy and programmes to ensure effective control and management.


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